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Clinical Services

Non-Clinical Services

Clinical Services
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Individual Psychotherapy

Medication Management

Psychiatric Assessment


All appointments are virtual and scheduled for 50 min. Location, duration, and frequency can be adjusted as needed.


Please inquire about payment and rates. I do not contract with insurance plans, but am happy to offer an itemized bill that can be submitted for out of network reimbursement.

Words like anxiety, depression, and trauma mean different things to different people. I work closely with clients to understand their specific situation and tailor treatments to their individualized needs while maintaining a strict evidence base. Because of its pragmatic nature, I find my practice best supports those who have found traditional mental health care to be confusing or frustrating but continue to want change.   


Research and Media

I advise businesses, start ups, and other organizations that want to improve the quality of available mental health care or address mental health more broadly. 


Specific expertise in:

  • suicide and suicidal thinking

  • new technology and mental health  

  • adolescent mental health

  • behavioral health systems

  • precision medicine in psychiatry

  • computational methods in psychiatry

I'm available for research collaboration, speaking engagements, interviews, freelance writing, and other media on request. 

Non-Clinical Services

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